Stand Up For Our Prophet!


Regarding the defamation of the Prophet SAW that was done by a few irresponsible people, we strongly believe that this reckless action must be addressed properly by the authority to avoid a recurrence of such imprudent action.

Not only that, it is compulsory for every Muslim to publicly condemn the defamation of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and do whatever we can within our capacity to show and prove the love for the Prophet Muhammad SAW, so long that it will not cause any further harm or mischief towards other people. Hence, let us show our solidarity by changing whatsapp profile picture to this special designed image.

The denouncement is not meant to ignite the enmity between other races in this country; it is only to demonstrate the importance of respecting each other by not violating any right of every religion in Malaysia.

May Allah increase our iman by loving the sunnah of the Prophet SAW and obliging every command of Allah SWT

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