The Virus Of Racism

[The Virus Of Racism – Bro Fawwaz Ariff]

Racism has always been an issue both nationally and globally. From developing countries like Malaysia to even developed countries like Japan, it seems that this issue is still ongoing and requires different strategies to be solved. However, ever since the virus COVID-19 emerged these past few months, there has been a rise in discrimination cases towards Chinese people. From the cancellation of cultural exchange programs in places where the virus has not yet spread to a Chinese customer being chased out of a restaurant, it is clear that the lack of awareness of the COVID-19 virus has definitely contributed to the increasing discrimination towards a certain race. It is due to these kind of cases that the WHO has named the popularly known Wuhan coronavirus to a place-free name to classify the virus, which is the name COVID-19, unlike the MERS virus which clearly states the origin of the virus which is from the middle east. There are many ways to prevent ourselves from the virus, but discrimination? That’s not even an option. I’ll put a link down below for the news article that report the discrimination cases for everyone to read and also a youtube channel that I personally follow for updates regarding the COVID-19 virus. Remember, alert but not anxious.

1)Discrimination in Japan on the rise as coronavirus fears grow…/discrimination-japan…/…

2)Doctor Mike’s YT channel


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